Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia

Tennessee Initiative Summaries 2017-2018


Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Development and Support

Both Tennessee's strategic plan and its Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan establish educator support and enhancement as a priority. The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) and the ARCC are collaborating on three strategies to improve the knowledge of educators across the state. First, TDOE has selected an open-source management system through which to offer courses for professional development and career advancement and has invited the ARCC to consult on its content and use. The ARCC team will provide ongoing consultation to the TDOE Learning Management System Steering Committee in developing instructional design specifications and integrating new policies, procedures, and systems for online professional learning, as well as communication, initial roll out, and evaluation. Secondly, ARCC staff will assist TDOE in planning professional development to increase educator knowledge and use of the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS), which generates data on annual student academic growth. The ARCC will assist TDOE to develop a comprehensive communications plan for resources on TVAAS; consult on planning, instructional design, and development of the TVAAS professional development modules and quality review process; and review the implementation of the communications plan and make adjustments for the 2018-2019 school year. Thirdly, the ARCC will assist the state in planning and evaluating professional development for teachers conducted with the social and personal competencies (SPC) modules previously created in collaboration with the ARCC and the Center for Great Teachers and Leaders (CGTL). For the remaining modules, the ARCC will consult with TDOE in completing videotaping and editing; collaborate with CGTL on content, layout, and narration; and consult on final quality review.

Reading/Literacy Standards and Early Learning Assessments

Tennessee Commissioner of Education Candice McQueen has prioritized early education foundations and literacy in both the state strategic plan and the ESSA plan. To achieve the first goal of the TDOE strategic plan—to improve the reading performance of Tennessee students on the National Assessment of Educational Progress—TDOE has undertaken several initiatives. First, TDOE has asked the ARCC to consult on implementation of the Read to be Ready Coaching Network, by providing TDOE with examples of literacy and reading resources that other states make available for parents and educators and consult on which resources TDOE will offer. The ARCC will also assist TDOE in developing a process to organize, review, and update literacy resources for educators and parents; organize resources on its website; and create an ongoing process for review and updates. Second, the ARCC will partner with TDOE to improve administration and data analysis for the Read to be Ready summer grant program, by providing information about summer reading grant programs in other states and debriefing on implications for TDOE. With the ARCC team's assistance, TDOE staff will develop a data collection and analysis plan, and conduct data collection, analysis, and planning for school year 2018-2019. Thirdly, ARCC staff will provide TDOE staff with information about implementation of kindergarten entry assessment in other states to inform their pilot implementation of the Kindergarten Entry Inventory (KEI). The ARCC will assist in exploring the application of implementation science to the KEI implementation, and other assistance as requested.

Personalized Learning

In 2016, the TDOE Personalized Learning Task Force recommended that the state pursue two initiatives, micro-credentialing for teachers and competency-based education for students. During 2017-2018, the ARCC will consult and assist TDOE with the second year of pilot testing its micro-credentialing initiative and its first year pilot testing competency-based education strategies. The ARCC will consult with TDOE to analyze and report the data on the first year micro-credentialing pilot, articulate the year two pilot model, and apply improvement and implementation sciences to the model. The ARCC will also provide TDOE with updated resources and assist in the collection, analysis, and reporting of year two pilot data. To assist with TDOE’s pilot of competency-based education, the ARCC will consult in developing a pilot application template, share examples of applications from other states, and develop a scoring rubric. The ARCC will also collaborate with TDOE as they plan the processes, tools, and structures needed for effective implementation of this pilot, including identifying resources to be cataloged and presented to potential pilot partnerships. Lastly, ARCC will assist TDOE by analyzing and reporting on the competency-based education pilot, and implications for the next phase.